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Here at All About You Therapeutic Massage, we want our clients to come into our office feeling relaxed and comfortable. We would like to introduce ourselves to you to assist with this!

Denice Olson

I graduated from Heritage College in 2009 with honors and started my career with a company that showed me the ropes of working as a therapist.  After 4 years I decided it was time to venture out on my own and start something bigger than just me.  I started All About You Therapeutic Massage so I could help my clients achieve a better life without pain or restrictions in movement and help them recover from surgeries or injuries.  And I also wanted to give other therapists a place to go and follow their dreams as I did.

I  started looking for a career after my boys had gotten old enough.  And when I started looking, Massage Therapy found me with everything I searched.  I did a bit of research and decided that I would go back to school and become a massage therapist.  I had a few road blocks on my path and it was put on hold for a year. during that time my dad had rotator cuff surgery and I had not gone to school yet and could not help him during his recovery time.  It was shortly after that I cleared the road blocks and began my schooling.  During that time I myself had shoulder surgery due to a car accident.  With the knowledge I was learning in school I put myself on the fast track of therapy and I got through therapy in 3 weeks.  I had full range of motion and back and I started working on strengthening my shoulder again.  With knowing what I did with just my shoulder alone,  all I was looking forward to was helping people achieve the same.  I love what I do and to help people is amazing.  Thank  you to all for supporting me in this journey.  See you at your next Appointment!!!


Ali Rogers

Ali was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and has been a Northlander all her life. Three weeks after high school, she was attending Heritage College to follow her dream. She knew from a young age, that to become a massage therapist was her one, true calling. She graduated from Heritage College in September of 2011 with her Associates of Occupational studies in Therapeutic Massage. Soon after, she passed her national boards and recieved her NCBTMB certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, in which she still upholds today. By Febuary of 2012,  she had her first job as a licenced massage therapist, and since then has been taking every opportunity to step up and climb the ladder of success which has led her here today. She's always been a bit "heavy handed", so to speak, and loves doing Deep Tissue work where she can incorporate her certification in Trigger Point Therapy. In fact, she likes to think of Trigger Point therapy as one of her specialties, as she tries to interweave it into any and every massage she can. She loves how empowering of a modality massage therapy can be in getting to the root of a person's chronic aches and pains, and alleviating them. Although Trigger Point therapy could be, for a lack of a better word, considered her "favorite" technique, she's also certified in Positional Release, which is quite the opposition. Whereas Trigger point therapy can be quite intense at times, the purpose of Positional Release is to bring your body into a "position of ease" in which any initial pain felt first pinpointing the area would decrease or completely disappear while placed in the hold.  This technique requires a bit of patience, however, as you must then hold the client in the position of ease until the therapeutic pulse felt by the therapist runs it's course. Both techniques, as opposing as they are, are equally effective in alleviating  pain and tension at the source. That said, Ali always takes the time to listen, and  will customize each massage to meet her client's needs.

Casey Coleman

I graduated from Midwest Institute of Natural Healing in 2009, learning a variety of techniques including deep tissue, swedish, prenatal, trigger point therapy, and cupping. I believe my passion to help people has led me to where I am today. To be able to work with others and help them get out of pain is more rewarding than i ever imagined. I truly believe in the holistic approach of the medical world and have witnessed the many benefits of massage therapy. I am extremely thankful for every single one of my clients. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love!

"Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen." -Shakti Gawain

Katie Smith

Katie graduated from Heritage College in 2010 with honors, she studied under the direction of Dr. Darren Boom and Master Therapist Jill Peters.
Early on in her career Katie worked with an Army Ranger who was coming in as part of his post deployment care. That experience motivated her to gain experience through continuing education that would help decrease the symptoms of PTSD and tinnitus. She is certified in Cranial Osteopathy, Trigger Point Therapy, and Positional Release.
Getting involved with the veteran community in her area has been a joy and a motivating experience to serve those who have served us. She is currently President of Heartland4Heroes an advocacy program for the 501c3 nonprofit GallantFew that helps facilitate successful transfer for veterans from active duty to civilian live filled with purpose. 

" I work with a diverse clientele and serving others is my passion, balancing the mind and body is an amazing thing to see take place in the clients we work with. I'm thankful for every client that walks through my door and look forward to effecting a positive change in their lives."

-Thank you-

Katie Smith

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